Julie Wright

What Matters is What Counts • What Counts is What Matters

Educational Consultant  •  Instructional Coach

614-595-4800  •  julietwright4444@gmail.com  •  Twitter:  @juliewright4444

With over 25 years of experience in education,  I have had the pleasure of serving schools and organizations in urban, suburban and rural communities as a Classroom Teacher, RtI Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist, Instructional Coach & Educational Consultant.

Leading K-12 Professional Learning Across Content Areas by:

Harnessing 5 Moves that Lift Sustainable Small Group Instruction

  • Kidwatching
  • Assessing Using Student Work
  • Jump Cutting
  • Curating Our Mentors
  • Reflection

Developing Integrated Units of Study / Learning Progressions based on UbD principles

Differentiated Instructional Materials, Resources & Assessments to meet district standards / learning targets & student interests, passions, inquiries and needs

Developing and Facilitating College Coursework

  • Ashland University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Texts & Contributions

Education / Training

  • B.S. in Education
  • Master’s in Language Arts and Reading
  • Extensive post-graduate work in School Leadership & Administration
  • PYP, IBMYP, IB Training

Licensure / Endorsements

  • Ohio K-8 License
  • New York K-6 License
  • Ohio Pre-K through Grade 9 Administrative License
  • K-12 Reading Endorsement
  • National Board Certification (2002)

If you’d like to know more about me…

For the past twenty-five years, my career has been an incredible journey filled with teaching, learning, facilitation, leadership, reflection, and happiness. Everything I do is based on my belief that people matter most.  I’m looking to partner with schools and organizations that believe in:

  • High levels of growth and achievement
  • Approaching each day’s work as an inquiry along the learning journey
  • Cultivating change with and among stakeholders

As a learner and leader, I bring a number of experiences and qualifications to the table that I am proud to highlight. As a classroom teacher for 14 years, I spent time understanding from the inside out what it takes to be a classroom facilitator of learning. I worked closely with students, parents, colleagues, administrators, district liaisons, and community members. During that time, I learned that goal setting and hard work, coupled with a genuine love for teaching and learning, provides a road map for success.

As an instructional coach and leader for more than a decade, I know that teachers need the time necessary to establish goals and work collaboratively to figure out the best ways to achieve those goals. I have experienced that while sometimes knowledge is gained from individuals outside of the district; it is more powerful when that knowledge is coupled with the ideas and beliefs that come from the learners themselves.  To this end, one of my stances is letting teachers, coaches, and administrators dig in and do the work of the work ~ the work that needs to be accomplished. I believe that students and educators are alike…when they are the ones doing the reading, writing, talking, thinking and reflecting ~ they are the ones who are learning.

I believe that leaders are servants to those they lead. While working with organizations, I leverage my leadership skills with the district and staff to prioritize initiatives so that we can stay focused on specific areas that would have the biggest impact to the educational process. We work as a dynamic learning community to figure out what we know compared to what we need to know in order to serve our students and support them as they grow.




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