Professional Development

I love what I do each day! Working with educators, students, and families has been at the center of my work for over two decades! My twenty-five years in education have been spent as a teacher, literacy leader, instructional coach and educational consultant for Diane Sweeney Consulting. I have served schools in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Iowa, Connecticut, Florida and South Carolina by providing district leaders, principals, instructional coaches, and teachers support focused on our shared goals. These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to meet new people who, like me, are passionate about education and student growth. These combined experiences have given me the opportunity to learn with and from incredible educators across K-12 classrooms, in public, private, and charter schools across urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Key Focus Areas

Through collaboration with leadership, I can provide opportunities for teachers & administrators to wrestle with topics that weave across different content areas focused on curriculum, instruction & assessment.

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 Our Work Together

My commitment is to offer support before, during and after my scheduled time on site. By this, I mean:

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What Matters

School should be fun, motivating, and engaging for students & teachers alike! Working alongside educators, defining beliefs and then developing plans to put those beliefs into action, is my passion. Some of my beliefs about learning, for both K-12 students and adults, include:

  • Small group instruction is a “must do” if we want to  lift the knowledge, skills and understandings of the students we serve.
  • As a facilitator of learning – I cannot sit still if I am reading and studying my learners along the way. I have to use the classroom as a text for learning. This gives me the opportunity to figure out what learners know and are able to do in order to identify what they need next to get stronger and smarter.
  • Whoever is doing the reading, writing, talking, thinking, creating…is doing the learning!
  • Choice matters ~ when learners have a choice…motivation and engagement increase.
  • Providing larger chunks of time for learning, coupled with a real audience & a real world purpose for learning, yields higher results.
  • In a learning community, the more we know about one another, the bigger the take-a-ways for everyone involved!
  • Reflection is a key element to growth.Small group instruction is a “must do” if we want to  lift the knowledge, skills and understandings of the students we serve.